Monday, May 18, 2009

Geothermal electricity production

A power plant is used to generate electricity from various renewable energy sources as well as conventional sources of energy. A hydro electric power plant makes use of running water to generate electricity or hydropower. Wind turbines that convert wind energy to electricity are used in wind farms. But the majority of power plants run on steam. Steam as a geothermal power product is used to run turbines that in turn power a generator to produce electricity. The steam used is obtained from geothermal reservoirs in the earth to produce electricity.

There are three types of geothermal power plants that are used to generate electricity that can meet the power needs of a rural or urban area. A dry steam geothermal power plant uses steam that is directly pumped from underground wells into the power plant as a geothermal power product. The steam is then used to drive a turbine and generator unit to produce electricity.

Flash steam geothermal power plant uses geothermal reservoirs as the geothermal power product to get geothermal energy. The Hot water from the geothermal reservoirs moves upwards and a small part of it condenses to form steam. Water and steam are separated in the power plant and the steam is used to run a turbine and a generator that produce electricity.

Binary cycle geothermal power plants use water as a geothermal power product. A working fluid which is usually an organic compound is heated by the hot water. The heated working fluid changes to steam and is used to run a turbine to produce electricity.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wind Energy

Out of the innumerable renewable energy sources available, wind renewable energy is the best renewable energy source that can challenge the energy crisis effectively. The use of wind energy was made in earlier times for purposes like exploration, farming and navigation. In ancient times, the renewable wind energy was also used to pump water and grind grain. The modern society uses wind energy for the generation of electricity that can be used to supply power to a number of houses in both urban and rural areas.

Renewable wind energy is favored by environmentalists across the globe for many practical applications. As a renewable energy source, it does not cause any pollution at all unlike other conventional forms of energy. As a green renewable energy source it prevents the degradation of the environment. As opposed to the conventional methods of electricity generation that are very expensive, the use of renewable wind energy for the generation of electricity is not costly.

Since no fuels are required for the working of wind energy there is no emission of green house gases that cause global warming which is a threat to the living beings on this planet. This alternative energy source is available in abundance and can be readily used. The use of renewable wind energy also benefits the economies of several rural areas. Farmers can use this energy source effectively for several purposes like pumping water, driving machines etc. and so reduce their expenses. As a renewable alternative energy source, wind energy can be cost effectively used several purposes that otherwise would have been expensive.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Biodiesel power

Biodiesel fuel is an alternative energy source that can be produced from natural crops like mustard, sunflower, hemp and waste vegetable oils. Biodiesel fuel as a renewable energy source can generate biodiesel power. Biodiesel power resources are used to power vehicle. Since biodiesel power is an alternative energy source, it reduces the dependence on fossil fuels like gasoline for running vehicles.

The use of biodiesel power resources for running vehicles does not cause any problems in the vehicle. The biodiesel power resources that are used lubricate the inside of the engines and helps in reducing the wear and tear of engines. Biodiesel power resources increase the life of engines. Bio diesel is available at several gas stations at prices that are much lower than that of the conventional diesel. So more and more people are now using biodiesel power resources.

The use of biodiesel power resources keeps the air clean because when they are used to power vehicles, they do not emit harmful particles into the atmosphere. This keeps the environment healthy and does not cause its degradation.

The use of biodiesel resources in vehicles results in higher engine efficiency and power. A problem however, maybe encountered when starting biodiesel powered vehicles during winters because biodiesel in its pure form is very thick. One way to solve this problem is to add petroleum to bio diesel. Generally a mix of 20% petroleum and 80% biodiesel is considered to be the best to power vehicles.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wind Power- An Introduction

The earth gets unevenly heated by the sun. During the day when sun shines, the air over landmasses gets heated more quickly than the air over water. Since this air is warm it expands and rises, and the heavier cool air, over the water, moves to take its place creating local winds. During night time, this process gets reversed. The wind that blows is called a renewable energy source because wind will be produced as long as the sun shines over the earth.

Wind renewable power has been used as an alternative energy source since long in traditional forms but its sophisticated use was first made in Netherlands. Wind mills are used to generate wind renewable power. The wind mills capture the renewable wind energy that is used to rotate turbines to generate electricity. This generated electricity can be used as an alternative energy source to pump water in wells for irrigation, for lighting houses and streets and for use in small units of industries.

The amount of electricity generated by wind renewable power from a single wind mill cannot be used for commercial purposes. Therefore, to generate wind power or electricity for commercial use a number of wind mills are erected over a large area known as a Wind Energy Farm.

The calculation of average wind speeds is required since different wind mills are suitable for different speeds in different terrains. The design and construction of wind mills or machines that use wind renewable power can be adapted to suit a specific location and the end use of the electricity generated by wind power.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Potential and prospects of wind energy

Wind energy is the form of renewable energy that we get from the blowing wind. Wind blows because of the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sunlight. This blowing wind possesses kinetic energy that can be harnessed to generate electricity. Wind turbines are wind machines that convert the wind energy into electricity. This can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Wind turbines have rotors that move because of winds. The rotors are connected to generators that are turned on by the movement of rotors. The generators produce electricity.

The potential of wind energy as an alternative source of energy is increasing rapidly. A major factor responsible for this is the fact that wind energy is a clean and non polluting source of energy. Wind energy does not emit any greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Also wind energy does not add toxic elements to the atmosphere. It can be used as an alternative source of energy because the conventional sources of energy are fast depleting and their prices are sky rocketing. The energy crisis so created can be challenged by wind energy.

Wind energy technologies have seen a change over the years. They now produce a significant amount of wind power for the entire world. The global prospects of wind energy are on the rise. Wind energy technologies are used all across the globe for cost effective power generation. The amount of electricity produced by wind energy is so enormous that even if electricity is not produced by conventional methods, it would be sufficient enough to provide power to the generations to come.