Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wind Energy

Out of the innumerable renewable energy sources available, wind renewable energy is the best renewable energy source that can challenge the energy crisis effectively. The use of wind energy was made in earlier times for purposes like exploration, farming and navigation. In ancient times, the renewable wind energy was also used to pump water and grind grain. The modern society uses wind energy for the generation of electricity that can be used to supply power to a number of houses in both urban and rural areas.

Renewable wind energy is favored by environmentalists across the globe for many practical applications. As a renewable energy source, it does not cause any pollution at all unlike other conventional forms of energy. As a green renewable energy source it prevents the degradation of the environment. As opposed to the conventional methods of electricity generation that are very expensive, the use of renewable wind energy for the generation of electricity is not costly.

Since no fuels are required for the working of wind energy there is no emission of green house gases that cause global warming which is a threat to the living beings on this planet. This alternative energy source is available in abundance and can be readily used. The use of renewable wind energy also benefits the economies of several rural areas. Farmers can use this energy source effectively for several purposes like pumping water, driving machines etc. and so reduce their expenses. As a renewable alternative energy source, wind energy can be cost effectively used several purposes that otherwise would have been expensive.

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