Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alternative energy and its benefits

Alternative energy is the energy obtained from sources like the sun, wind, tides, water, decomposed wasted of plants and animals and the interior of the earth. Alternative energy is used in its several forms for a variety of purposes. As solar energy, alternative energy is used for generating electricity, to cook food, to heat water and to keep buildings warm. In the form of wind energy and tidal energy, alternative energy is used for the generation of electricity. Alternative energy from biomass is used to make bio fuels and generate electricity. Geothermal energy is the source of alternative energy that is used to keep buildings warm or cool, depending upon the weather and to generate electricity.

The reason as to why alternative energy is put to so many uses lies in the fact that it has several advantages. Alternative energy is a green and clean form of energy which does not affect the environment adversely. It does not cause any pollution and does not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere that cause global warming or are otherwise dangerous for the health.

Alternative energy can be used again and again without the fear of it getting depleted because it comes from sources that are renewable and can never come to an end. The use of alternative energy sources reduces the dependence on fossil fuels or other sources of energy on which the entire world depends for energy requirements. Alternative energy is also a less expensive form of energy. Alternative energy is readily available and can be used by alternative energy companies as and when required.

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