Saturday, April 11, 2009

Breakthrough in wind power technology

Wind power is generated by wind energy. The main function of a wind turbine is to use the energy possessed by the wind and convert it to electricity or wind power. Strong winds are good for more electricity production. However, the speed of the wind should not be too fast because it spins the turbine too fast, thus creating damage for the wind turbine. Strong winds may rip off the blades of the turbine and the excessive heat damages the alternator. The turbine tower is also affected by strong winds.

To prevent all this damage, a breakthrough has been made in wind power generation technology. A mechanical breaking system called furling has been developed that reduces all this damage. It prevents the wind turbine from rotating too quickly by turning the blades away from the direction of the wind. Furling acts by decreasing the angle of attack. It can be either manual or automatic. In both cases, the process of furling turns away the turbine blade edges when the wind is too strong or it is stormy.

Another method of reducing damages caused by strong winds is to use a microprocessor in a wind turbine. This microprocessor manages the speed and power of the wind turbine rotors when the wind is too strong. This is a fully automatic system that is more reliable for generating wind power by using wind turbines.

Wind power is a cost effective and renewable source of power that is the requisite of the world at this time. Automatic and mechanical wind controller systems are the need of the hour to help wind turbines function properly for the generation of wind power.

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